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Summit, NJ
Church Address:
292 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
(908) 273-1820
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Reading Room Address:
340 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
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​(10:30 AM)

The Sunday service includes a scriptural selection, silent and audible prayer and the singing of hymns by the entire congregation, an uplifting solo, and the Sunday Sermon, where passages from the Bible and correlative passages from Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are read by two Readers who are elected from the congregation.

These two Books are the dual Pastor of the Christian Science religion, and congregants find that, “The Word of God is a Powerful preacher, and it is not too spiritual to be practical, nor too transcendental to be heard and understood.” (Mary Baker Eddy – Message for 1901)

(8:00 PM)

The Wednesday evening meetings offer brief topical readings drawn from the Pastor (the Bible and Science and Health), plus prayer, singing, and sharing of healing experiences from the congregation that are the practical proofs of prayer in Christian Science. This mid-week service, held in Christian Science churches around the world is designed to support the congregation, and sends a powerful prayer of healing support to our world-wide community.


1. Hymn.
2. Scriptural Selection.
3. Silent Prayer, followed by Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation.
4. Hymn.
5. Announcing necessary notices.
6. Solo.
7. Explanatory Note.
8. Announce Subject and Golden Text.
9. . Responsive Reading by the First Reader and the congregation.
10. Reading the Lesson-Sermon.
11. Collection. 
12. Hymn.
13. Scientific Statement of Being, and correlative SCRIPTURE I John 3:1-3.
14. Benediction.


1. Hymn. 
2. Reading from the BIBLE, and correlative passages from SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES. 
3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer, its spiritual interpretation being omitted. 
4. Hymn. 
5. Announcing necessary notices. 
6. Experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science. 
7. Closing Hymn.
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